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The Message of Qur"an Vol. 03

The Pathways to God

As we have mentioned earlier there is a pathway open in every heart and every soul sings God’s praise. Considering the vastness of human population it can be said that there are many roads open to reach God and every person has a special awareness and understanding about it. Despite the existence of the many views a great caravan of human beings moves towards Him. His divine fragrance adorns the core of every heart and the flower of realization blooms in every soul.

The words “I am God” echo in the depth of each heart and He enjoins the Moses in the human souls to come to Him. He is guiding every soul to tread with caution and humility as they come to Him by the words, “Take off your shoes for you stand in the Holy valley of Tuwa.”

He enjoins every one as He did Maryam with the words, “And shake the trunk of the date palm towards you, it will let fall fresh and ripe dates upon you” (2) to shake the branches of the tree of his Tawhid and collect the sweet fruits from it. They should not despair because of the fires lit by the Nimrods of the time but should dive into them with full confidence so that they may turn them into gardens of Tawhid. They should board the Ark of Salvation like Noah and he, who talks about someone else, misdirects you to him; drown him whether they may be Canaan.

 Crush the head of every Samiri with full force and burn his shining idols in the fires of your truthfulness that subjugates the worldly and the intoxicated ones.

Yes! The Prophets of God fulfilled their obligation of overt propagation and those who followed did the same invertly to reach their desired destination. They responded to the life giving slogan of the Holy Messenger “Say There is no God but Allah” and accepted it with the core of their hearts and even in their jugular vein to reach the elevated heights of betterment Thus they were able to attain closeness to God after the journey seeking well being and betterment from their natural inclinations.

An important point is that there are a lot of ups and downs on this path and devils and humans lie in ambush with their allurements and deceit to waylay those who travel this path. This is because their leader Mephistopheles had sworn to misguide Adam and he wants to convert others to his ways and be dammed the way he was.

Those with evil intentions, who instill skepticism in the hearts of the people, hide their evil countenance and pretend to travel the path of truth like the wayward and the disillusioned men among the Arabs. Once they convince a group of people to their ideas they leave the Straight Path and push their converts, the wayward, sinners who would be `punished by God, into the dreadful abyss.

What should be done in such a situation? Where is the path of salvation?

Can we traverse this difficult path only by the strength of our intelligence? Human intelligence is one of the many gifts of God and the shining light. Should we ride on the carriage of the divine revelation and reach out to the enlightenment of God; should we reach out from the arch of the light of the limited lamp towards the ever burning sun and pray to God for help while reaching out to him and confirm His entity as His proof? The Holy Messenger had said, “God lets those astray who try to seek guidance from anywhere else but the Qura’n”

Does His adversary have the true enlightenment to benefit others? Certainly not!

Our Book, the third volume of Nafahatol Qura’n is an attempt to realize the truth and the purpose of this book is to attain the enlightenment of God.(1) We will take the help of the verses of the Qura’n for guidance and to establish our realizations, and present Hadiths and episodes in this regards.

Nasir Makarem Shirazi.

Hawza Ilmia,


Moharramol Haram 1410 Hijri.

1- Behar-ol-Anwar vol.89 page 27