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Life under the Grace of Ethics

Global stalemates, groans of victims of aggressions, wars, crimes and increasingly cut of family relations are all true evidences of one reality that current rules of world, despite of all attempts apparently made for their reform, improvement and enforcement, not only have not been effective in granting an ideal life to the men, but also have killed this hope for the future.

We don't know how long we shall try and try these worn principles. They can not even support their own custodians, what about the others!

These rules are like deep wells, which sometimes reach to massive underground stone pieces, and the more we try for piercing into these stones and progressing inside them, the more we have exhausted ourselves, and finally there would be no trace of water.

So we shall look where the fault is, and recognizing it, we shall think about the solution.

First, we find that such regulations resemble the drugs which are only for external use and their effect is completely superficial. They have neither succeeded to penetrate into the depth of human conscience, which is the inspirator of his attempts, endeavors, and movements, nor to mobilize his powers in a bid to eradicate the roots of pain.

For example, which law can revive human intellect and affection of those riches that have made testament for allocation of their wealth to their cats and have provided the facilities for establishment of a village for millionaire cats, and invite them to support millions of African hungry men? Which law can restore the sense of philanthropy in those who wear precious diamond pieces, and several millions value stamp albums are one of the little decorations of their drawing rooms, and invite them to save the life of millions of leprous, cancerous and tuberculous patients?

Which law can manage obstinate and destructive instincts, and subtilize man's feelings and utilize his great industrial powers for urbanization and reclamation of the countries?

Is any law able to penetrate into the territory of their spirit and soul, and cause these changes? It goes without saying that there is not such law among the existing ones.

It is here that the necessity of training and development of another principle called ethic is clarified. The principle which passes any obstacle just like the powerful waves of gravity and even passes through vacuum and accedes to the interior of man's soul, alters him, and creates a new person with excellent and heavenly and in the real sense, humanistic attributes.

The man who sympathizes for grief and distress of others.

The man who considers his own and others' interests as the same.

The man who never seeks his relief in discomfort of others.

And finally, a man whose wide horizon of thought causes him to be relieved from disturbances, offences, intolerance and vindictiveness, and forms a real unity along with his fellowmen, in which there is welfare and blessing.

Yes, these principles, which are called ethic, should be revived, and present book is written for this purpose and has originated from Islamic rich and powerful resources.

Qom, Theological Center

Nasser Makarem Shirazi

November 1973