Preface: This Way Dose Not End in Unity!

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Shia Answers

Today, with an overall look to the world we can see that blustering storms has begun, the curtains has opened, attractive expressions like democracy and human right organizations are totally vanished and powerful tyrants are planning dangerously for dominating on other countries, and also shamelessly express their desires.

And what a good job to say all the things, and in other words ease the minds of their credulous followers.

In this situation there is no shelter left but the power of nations after the mercy of god.

Yes, we should gain power, because in this world infirm creatures are destined to be trampled!

In these conditions if Muslims of the world united and use the abundant cultural and material powers against those tyrants can live in safety and peace.

It is becoming several years that in all over the places people talk about unity of Muslims and news about forming the week of unity, seminars about unity and serial mottos are heard.

Although these paces had good effects in political and social matters and horrified the enemies, but couldn’t acquire enough unity which is needed against those blustering storms, yet.

The reasons can be briefly said in some matters:

1- The works which had been performed were not basilar and unity couldn’t influence in minds and move Muslims in unite direction.

2- Enemies prepared lots of plans for developing skepticism, misdeem, disagreement and concision, and from the news it has been recognized that they have done huge money investments in these projects and agitated the extremists of both sides for reaching their evil purposes, that includes:

A)       Reliable news are saying that extremist Salafies of Saudi Arabia recently published 10 million issues of schismatical books and distributed among Hajjis and transform Hajj from the factor of unity to the factor of concision, and unfortunately these things are happening every year.

B)        Fanatic Wahhabi orators perform tirades for developing concision during Hajj and Umra , and regardless of contiguity between Iran Saudi Arabia they have intensify their attacks to Shi’aa .

C)        Attacks of Sahaba army and massacre innocent and defenseless people, and worse than that imagining honor out of these massacres which perform periodically are not hidden to anyone.

D)       Agitating extremists like Taliban that according to reliable evidences has done by tyrants of Unites States was another one of their dangerous works in purpose of showing Islam far from science and civilization and in other hand widen the incision between Muslims. Although these cades of western politics ran out of their control and made tragedies to them and these tyrants tasted the bitterness of their products and afterward began to destroy them.

3- Short sight of some Islamic politicians, who prefer their short time and limited benefits to the long time benefits of Islam world is another one factors of not achieving to the constant unity.

For instance, we know some of these Islamic countries which for these little and limited benefits have collaboration revealed to everyone with Israel and even perform common maneuvers!

With warning to the crucial results of these mistakes and noticing to the point that no Islamic country or group is safe against the repressive and relentless politics of those anti-Islam tyrants, all the remaining is that scholars in Islam should brighten and clear the matters for preventing from schismatic works of enemies and forming misdeem by extremists of both sides.

On this basis I decided to present an interesting and innovative method for reaching unity in this booklet which is in your hands now. In this method it is cleared that important matters of disagreement between followers of Ahl -e- Bait ( a.s .) and Ahl -e- Sonnat are rooted in their famous books, and what Shi’aa says in these matters has clear evidences in books of Ahl -e- Sonnat . According to one of freethinker scholars of Ahl -e- Sonnat : “ Shi’aa can prove all of their essentials and incidentals of their sect by our books!”

If this matter proves, which by the help of Allah happens, there remains no space for blaming, worrying or misdeem about the beliefs of Shi’aa . Surly this matter provides optimism, adjacency of sects and removing misdeems from logical and fair people, and in result Iran which is a powerful Islamic country and other Shi’aa of the world remain as strong defenders of the Islam.

Now here you are and our evidences!